We are a custom fab shop that caters to clients with design thinking.

With passion, strategy and creativity we design, build and execute custom retail, residential and industrial product environments. We produce comprehensive solutions that are engaging and effective.

Our expertise is Acrylic, PVC and Polycarbonate, but take a closer look to the wide range of materials we master:








Acrilyc  •  PVC  •  Polycarbonate(Lexan)  •  PETG  •  HDPE  •  Delrin  •  MDF


Collaboration, design and innovation are at the forefront of what we do and who we are. Our team is highly passionate about pushing the envelope and creating new benchmarks for our clients, industries and environments. We love what we do! o We think we can make it better and more engaging.

Brand Values

Customer Value: Putting the customer at the center of all business decisions

Relentless innovation: Push to innovate in ever aspect of our business

Keep it SIMPLE and FUN: A genuine commitment to simplicity and fun

Making a difference in peoples life’s: Creating products and services and change the world o Goodwill: Taking the first step toward uncompromising relationships

Taking on the establishment: A commitment to disrupt innovation


Armed with passion and driven with the desire leave a mark on this planet; the APd comes from an small garage in a house to a 6,000 sqft facility in less than two years. It started fabricating with small acrylic trophy’s and awards but soon evolved to a full custom design and fabrication operation.